Logline: A painting student uses the pain of a BMX Flatlander to create shocking works of art.

Genre: Drama/Action/ Romance


HUNTER, a painting student, is part of a dark clique of students attending the Cleveland Institute of Art known as “The Hive”. They hunger for inspiration and will drain it from anybody who happens to fall into their vicious circle. Especially driven is YVO, a video student who plans to rule Madison Avenue and MTV once out of art school.

Hunter finds an unusual muse in SAXON, a dying BMX flatlander who wants to crank his X-Game sport up to an artistic level, however he’s in a race against time. The muscles surrounding his spine are dissolvingwhich cause painful seizures whenever he rides. Hunter, unable to deal with her own emotional baggage, leaches off of Saxon by creating dark horrific paintings based on his pain. Her new style reaps her immediate success.

Whenever Saxon suffers a seizure, he drifts into unconsciousness and encounters GRIM, a “Grim Reaper” Flatlander who challenges him to ride for his life. Their contest could best be described as “Matrix” on a BMX. It’s Grim’s challenge, as well as being inspired by Hunter’s artistic brilliance, that motivates Saxon to create a swan song masterpiece, a flatland routine choreographed to Puccini’s “Nessun Dorma”. Saxon dies as a result of the performance, but he has reached his goal and surpassed it in the process. In the end, he’s taught all of the students, especially Hunter and Yvo, that pain and self-sacrifice is worth the glory of creating something sincere.

The Vibe:

The Beat Generation of the 50’s is retrofit for the 21 st century. The music The Hive listens too is Jazz, but remixed by current DJ’s (Verve/Blue Note remixes). The wardrobe is also retro, Beat Generation sprinkled earlier art movement traditions. Like the art movements of the Dadaist, Surrealist and Abstract Expressionist, it’s not odd to find The Hive wearing ties, even the women (a sexy “Annie Hall” look.

Character Breakdowns:

 Saxon – 17 Years-old.An extreme sports fanatic who rides for the art and not for trophies. Extremely independent, he left home at an early age. A nomad of the city, he sleeps in the backroom of a Skate Park and makes a living as a bike messenger.

He’s a visionary who sees his riding becoming something more than an X-Game sport. So dedicated to his riding that he ignores the pain of a degenerative illness that attacks his nervous system.

Hunter - 19 years-old. She’s a young painting prodigy. The talented art student is the product of an upper middle class background, top public school and the suburbs. She suffered the horrific experience of watching her parents cut to shreds with Assault Weapons as she cowered in the back of the family car (first victims of a Columbine-type tragedy).

Despite her talent, her work is bland because as she represses her dark past.

Yvo - Eurasian – 19 Years-old. He’s the leader of The Hive and the ultimate trust fund baby art student. His father owns the loft that the Hive occupies. His father gave him one floor and he sections it off with dry wall and rents the spaces to his fellow students. He uses the money to create slick commercial works that someday will make more money. He is mercenary.

While others in the Hive live in dry-walled combs, he has the only room. The décor and his clothes are straight out of GQ magazine. Goateed and devilishly manipulative.